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VP37 Tester

VP37 Tester

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VP37 NT400A

VP37 oil pump tester

VP37 oil pump tester is a special electronic controller for testing electronic rotary pump. It is used to test EDC electronic fuel injection system driven by household and commercial vehicles.

Electronically controlled pump nozzle in diesel engine fuel injection performance skills in general, electronically controlled pump detector equipment in-line pump-tube-nozzle fuel injection device, our company's new equipment to pave the way for technical development. The new device discloses an electronically controlled in-line combined pump-tube-nozzle diesel injection device which can be used on an engine body. It mainly includes the electronic control unit ecu, solenoid valve assembly executing parts, electronic control in-line pump assembly, high-pressure fuel pipe and injector, as well as various sensors and low-pressure fuel devices which can detect the working state of the engine. Its solenoid valve assembly is a circular structure, its iron core is an integral circular groove, embedded with electromagnetic coil, encapsulated with non-metallic insulation into one, and installed in the electronic control combined pump, through the electromagnetic force generated after power-on to control the movement of the valve stem assembly, to achieve the whole fuel injection shut-off effect; The ejection system is small in size. The problems of complex structure, large volume, poor reliability and low injection pressure of traditional in-line pump system are solved.

Technical indicators

1. Power supply voltage: 220V 50HZ

2. Power: <200W

3. Voltage display: four bit high brightness digital tube.

4. Voltage display range: 0 ~ 5000mv

5. Advance angle valve control signal: DC 12V 1.5A

6. Control signal of oil off valve: DC 12V 1.5A

7. Mean non-failure operation time: 15000h

1. Can test VP37/VE37, and other electrical control pump static resistance.

2. VP37/VE37 can be tested, and other electronic controlled distribution pumps at different speeds.

The oil content of the governor with different opening degrees;

Equipped with Mechanical pump test bench, testing VP37 pump,

special adaptor, simply  practical

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