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Common Rail System Tester

Common Rail System Tester

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CRI-NT300A     CRI-NT-300A

Common Rail System Tester

Product features

1. Support electromagnetic common rail injector, piezoelectric crystal common rail injector;

2. Maximum support for 6 channel electromagnetic common rail injector;

Six electromagnetic injectors and a piezoelectric injector can be tested at the same time.

(BOSCH, Denso, Delphi, SIEMENS and BOSCH PIZEO, Caterpillar);

3. Can test CP1, CP2, CP3, JER, HP3, HP4 and other common rail pumps.

4. Support a variety of rail pressure sensors;

5. Intelligent PID algorithm, pressure control is more precise;

6. Hardware and software double short circuit protection, work more reliable;

7. Chinese, English and Russian three language menus can be switched freely.;

8. Safety protection design to prevent operator from misoperation and use more safely.

9. Start LOGO can be customized;

10. Customizable interface, operation mode, cabinet appearance and so on can be customized according to customer needs.

CRI-NT300A common rail injector and pump tester Testing Bosch,Denso, Delphi solenoid valve and piezo injectors, and CP1,CP2,CP3,,HP3,HP4,JIER, DELPHI and so on pumps

CRI-NT300B common rail injector and pump tester  Testing Bosch,Denso, Delphi solenoid valve injectors  , and CP1,CP2,CP3,,HP3,HP4,JIER, DELPHI and so on pumps

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