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Common Rail Pump Tester

Common Rail Pump Tester

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The function of the high pressure common rail oil pump tester is to imitate the ECU of diesel engine and provide the control signal of common rail oil pump such as Bosch, electric installation and Delphi to drive the high pressure common rail oil pump to work. The user can set the driving signal parameters according to his own actual situation and save them in groups, which is convenient for maintenance personnel. The working state of the high pressure common rail system is judged and maintained.

1. combined with traditional test stand, it can detect CP1, CP2, CP3, HP0, HP3, HP4, JIER, DELPHI and other common rail pumps.

2, the common rail pressure can be controlled and displayed.

CRIP-NT200A common rail pump tester equipped with Mechanical pump test bench, 

can test HPO common rail pump

CRIP-NT200B common rail pump tester can testing CP1,CP2,CP3,HP0,HP3,HP4,JIER, DELPHI and so on pumps

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