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Common Rail Injector Tester

Testing Bosch,Denso, Delphi Solenoid valve injectors

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CRI-NT100A common rail injector tester Testing Bosch,Denso, Delphi Solenoid valve injectors

CRI-NT100B common rail injector tester Testing Bosch,Denso, Delphi 

Solenoid valve injectors and Piezo injectors

High pressure common rail injector tester is characterized by fast boost speed, good stability, more fuel storage capacity, long injection time, simple and reasonable structure, flexible and convenient operation; mainly testing Bosch, electronics, Delphi and other high pressure common rail injectors and general diesel engine injectors. At the same time, the injection flux and return volume of the common rail injector can be measured.

Technical parameters: 

Maximum pressure: 32Mpa

Pulse width: 100-3000Us

Frequency range: 1-30Hz

Counting range: 1-3000 times

Range of pressure gauge: 0-60Mpa

Working voltage: 220V

Selection of injector: BOSCH (BOSCH); DENSO (DENIM); DELPHI (Delphi);

L bilingual menu can be switched freely.

L supports electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors (BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, PIZEO, DENSO2);

L overcurrent and short circuit protection function;

L with fuel injector impedance measurement;

L on board temperature sensor can play the role of overheating protection.

L user usage cumulative function;

L enables LOGO to be customized.

L can customize interface, operation mode, cabinet appearance and so on according to customer needs.

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