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  • Diesel Oil Tank Cleaning Machine
    Diesel Oil Tank Cleaning Machine
    Fuel tank clean
    Necessary to repairing
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  • Bosch Nozzle
    Bosch Nozzle
    The nozzle itself is a constant valve (often closed valve, which means that the valve has been closed when there is no input control signal; and the valve is always in the open state when the control signal is not input), and a valve needle moves up and...
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  • Common Rail Valve
    Common Rail Valve
    Valve It is made up of two parts of the valve seat and the ball valve, and the fit gap between the two is only 3 to 6 microns. The valve assembly is one of the main parts of the fuel injector. FAQ Q: What are the benefits of becoming a dealer? A: 1....
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  • Element-plunger
    Plunger composition: plunger pair is composed of plunger and plunger sleeve, with oil valve couple (composed of oil outlet valve and oil outlet valve seat). The plunger can be divided into A, B, K, AD, P and so on to meet the requirements of different...
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  • Common Rail Repair Kit
    Common Rail Repair Kit
    Common rail repair kit used in the maintenance of the injector. It usually contains steel ball, adjusting shim, high pressure gasket, valve assembly, fuel injector connector etc. NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd Address:No.368,NanTai Rd, High-tech Industrial...
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  • Common Rail High Pressure Pump
    Common Rail High Pressure Pump
    high pressure oil pump The design criterion of the fuel supply of a high pressure oil pump is the need to ensure the demand for the amount of fuel injection and the amount of oil controlled under any circumstances, as well as the change in the amount of...
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  • VE Pump
    VE Pump
    The VE type distribution pump is a single plunger type high pressure fuel injection pump, its structure characteristic is to use a set of oil supply elements to supply the diesel engine cylinder separately by the timing of the distribution mechanism. The...
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  • High Precision Adjusting Shim
    High Precision Adjusting Shim
    FAQ Q: What is your terms of payment ? A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment. Q: How about your raw materials of the test bench? A: Machine frame and mechanical parts are made of stainless...
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  • Paper Gasket
    Paper Gasket
    A gasket is made of paper, rubber or copper, placed between the two planes to strengthen the sealing material, to prevent fluid leakage between the sealing elements of the cover.Gaskets are mechanical seals between two objects. They are usually used to...
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  • Stainless Steel Gasket
    Stainless Steel Gasket
    Usually made of sheet shaped gasket, long strip gasket, adjusting gasket or circle sheet, precision of thickness tolerance, no burr, high precision, strong tension, good finish, toughness, and difficult to break. It is usually used in electronic...
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  • NT2000 EUI EUP Controller
    NT2000 EUI EUP Controller
    The electronic control unit pump testing device consists of a camshaft box assembly, a controller and accessories for a specific type of EUP.
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  • NT3000 EUS Controller
    NT3000 EUS Controller
    Electronic unit pump / electronically controlled pump nozzle, camshaft electric control unit pump / electronic control pump nozzle tester
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