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Injection Pump Test Bench Installation

- May 21, 2018 -

1, test bench placement environment

The test rig must be installed in a house that is air-dry, free from corrosive gases, and is not susceptible to wind and sand dust.

The ambient temperature is generally 5 degrees -35 degrees is appropriate.

2, test bench installation

The test bench must be on a level and firm ground with damping rubber pads on the four feet. There should be some space around the test bench for ease of operation.

3, test bench power distribution

Power requirements: three-phase four 380V/Hz

Allowed voltage fluctuations: -15%-10%

Frequency fluctuation: 5%

4, test bench fuel

Oil standard: Inject diesel fuel No. 0 that meets GB252-64 or test oil that meets the technical requirements of ISO4113-1978C.

Quantity: 50-60 liters

5, test bench wiring

A Select cable:

505KW, 705KW test bench, power supply line please use 4x4mm2 four-core cable;

For 11KW and 15KW test benches, use a 4x6mm2 quad cable for the power supply.

B wiring step

First, the cable shall be led through the trench or through the snake skin to the test bench electrical door. Pass the cable through the bottom right hole of the test panel switchboard to the R, S, T, O terminals of the test panel power distribution board, and then place four The root wire is pressed onto the terminals R, S, T, O. Note that the “E” is reliably grounded.

6. Fuel tank filling

Requirements: (1) The fuel tank must be cleaned before the fuel is injected into the tank;

(2) The fuel must be strictly filtered before being injected into the fuel tank. The particle size of the mechanical impurities contained in the fuel should be controlled within 0.05mm;

(3) The fuel oil level passes over 2/3 of the oil standard.