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How To Optimize The Overall Performance Of A Diesel Engine

- May 21, 2018 -

Open the fuel injection pump tester shell side panel can see the diesel tank oil standard, the equipment is at rest, the liquid level of the diesel tank should be more than two-thirds, otherwise the large flow fuel injection pump test, the low-pressure oil path mixed with air or unable to Oil supply.

The injection pressure in the injection pump test bench system can be flexibly adjusted to determine the optimal injection pressure required for different operating conditions to optimize the overall performance of the diesel engine. The solenoid valve controls the fuel injection, the control precision is high, and there is no phenomenon of bubbles and residual pressure in the high pressure oil circuit. Therefore, in the diesel engine operation range, the cyclic fuel injection quantity change is small, and the oil supply of each cylinder can not be uniform. Improvements have been made to reduce diesel engine vibration and emissions. When placing a standard injector, be careful to put it lightly, otherwise the collection cup or bushing may be damaged. When installing a 24-gauge cylinder, install it in the up-down direction. Do not load or unload from the side of the collet holder. This may cause the cylinder to break.

To sum up, we must pay special attention to the use of injection pump test rigs. Do not overuse them so as to extend the service life of the injection pump test rig.