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How To Choose Injection Pump Test Bench

- May 21, 2018 -

A fuel injection pump test bench worthy of trust and purchase should be a cost-effective device with a good after-sales service reputation, and at the same time, the power and configuration options are suitable for their use. Its purpose is to ensure that the future work will proceed normally and smoothly, while at the same time enabling its limited funds to be used effectively.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a test rig

1, power and torque

Different power injection pump test rigs have different torques, and the price difference is also large. Selecting the right power makes the purchase of the test bench a top priority.

2, control and display

The control and display methods of fuel injection pump test rigs involve operational image and operating habits.

3, standard injector

Standard injectors make the auxiliary facilities of the injection pump test bench relevant to the accuracy and efficiency of the oil measurement.

4, Hai Dian characteristics

Learn about the characteristics of sea numbers and learn about what is unique to sea number equipment. You may find surprises.

5, the basic configuration

The cost and price of the injection pump test rig you purchased differ depending on the configuration. It is necessary to purchase any product to guide what you purchase. It is necessary to look at the price and it is unwise to look at the price.

6, payment transfer

Understanding payment transfer procedures and enhancing mutual understanding and trust is the beginning of long-term cooperation between friends and the North.

7, equipment acceptance

The acceptance after the purchase of the product is an important task for the user to protect his/her rights and verify the reputation of Haerbin.

8, installation and debugging

Understand the installation and debugging procedures and related knowledge to improve each other's work efficiency.

9, after-sale service

After-sales service is one of the important tasks that embodies the reputation of Hainan.

10, use and maintenance

Whether or not you purchase equipment from the sea, understanding the use and maintenance knowledge of the injection pump test bench will be of great benefit to your work.