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Common Rail Test Bench Function And Features

- May 21, 2018 -

High pressure common rail test bench function:

1. the fuel injection, oil recovery and functional performance of various common rail oil pumps can be detected automatically, and the quality of the overall performance can be judged according to the original data.

The 2. jig and additional system also have its own specific function, can test the pump nozzle and the electronic control single body pump, the additional system can test VP37, VP44 and so on a variety of electric control high pressure oil pump

3.Wind system, humanized operation procedure. Customers can add data through Wind system, humanized operation procedures, and save print data customer information.

4. at the same time to realize multi computer networking and remote monitoring

Characteristics of high pressure common rail test rig:

1. high degree of automation: automatic operation of product testing and equipment operation;

2. the import configuration ratio is high, and the domestic flow sensor can be used to measure the flow accurately.

3., precise control of rail pressure can be achieved through ZME valve and DRV valve.

4. once installed, the 6 fuel injectors can be tested continuously, with compact structure.

5. automatic protection function, over temperature, oil mist, overpressure, insufficient oil level, automatic prompting, reducing accidents.