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The advantages of the new common rail injector

- May 21, 2018 -

Common rail fuel injectors use high-precision sensors to automatically detect the fuel injection quantity and oil return quantity under full load, idle, and pre-injection conditions, and to check the tightness of the injectors. It is a common-rail injector to test the performance of diesel common-rail injectors. The best equipment. However, where are the advantages of common-rail injectors?

1.Flexible control of fuel injection rate changes to achieve the ideal fuel injection law, easy to achieve pre-injection and multi-injection, can reduce diesel engine NOx, but also ensure excellent power and economy.

2. The injection valve is controlled by the solenoid valve, its control accuracy is high, there is no bubble and residual pressure phenomenon in the high-pressure oil circuit. Therefore, in the diesel engine operation range, the cyclic fuel injection volume change is small, and the oil supply of each cylinder is not Uniformity can be improved, thereby reducing diesel engine vibration and reducing emissions.

3. The flexibility of injection pressure in the common rail system is adjustable, and the optimal injection pressure can be determined for different operating conditions to optimize the overall performance of the diesel engine.

4. The fuel injection timing can be independently controlled flexibly, with the high injection pressure (120MPa ~ 200MPa), can simultaneously control NOx and particulates (PM) in a smaller value to meet the emission requirements.

Common rail injector main functions and features: Variable frequency drive common rail pump produces maximum 250MPa pressure; Rail pressure automatic closed-loop control, display accuracy 0.1MPa; Built-in common rail injector standard database, free upgrade, users can also freely add data The common rail injector standard database is equipped with control waveform data of various types of injectors, and standard control waveform signals are output to injectors; Bosch and other brands of high pressure common rail injectors can be detected; industrial computer motherboards, embedded windows XP operation System; automatic measurement of fuel injection quantity and oil return quantity, on-screen display; test data report can be generated, can be stored and printed; start fuel quantity detection detects common rail injector opening pressure; detection of common rail injector seal; detection Common rail injector atomization quality and other functions.