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How to repair the injector accurately?

- Jul 23, 2018 -

Let's learn how to precisely maintain the injector. Precise maintenance of fuel injector needs four points.

1, cleanliness, standard moment

A) ultrasonic cleaning machine (usually use special cleaning agent, if not, replace it with diesel oil).

B) carburetor cleaning agent

C) air gun

D) oil absorbing paper (also called dust-free cloth) to wipe the grease and small particles on the surface of the fuel injector.

2. Parts and components

A) couple accessories

There are strict clearance control requirements between the valve cap and the valve stem, which can not be too large or too small. In the process of the valve assembly, a strict air clearance measurement for each set of valve assemblies will be carried out to ensure that the clearance is in a given range of control (only a few microns). If excessive clearance leads to eccentric wear (as shown), too little clearance will cause stem movement to become stuck or even locked. Therefore, ensuring parts matching is very important.


B) original factory

Most of the domestic vice - factory parts are not enough processing precision, the surface quality is not qualified and so on, when the reason can not be found, it may be replaced with the original factory to try, so as not to take a bend.

C) observation of parts damage

The injector is the core component of the engine. Its slight damage may lead to the abnormal work of the whole engine, and the parts in the injector are very small and precise. It is difficult to see the wear, blockage and cracking of the engine by the naked eye, and can be observed with a high magnifying magnifier.


3. The parameter of the lift is within a reasonable range

As we all know, judging an injector from static point is very general. We need to judge whether an injector can be loaded through two aspects of static point and dynamic curve.

So what is a static point and what is a dynamic curve? The static point a lot of master should know, it is to simulate the test point of a few special working conditions on the injector experiment platform (return oil, main spray, discharge, pre injection, idle speed, etc.).

The dynamic curve is the curve that the test points converge under all conditions of the injector. Generally, our master is now the only standard for the injection of an injector, because we have no conditions to test the dynamic curve of the injector. Is that so we can't guarantee the dynamic injection curve of the injector?

The answer is clearly negative. The dynamic curve of the injector is controlled by the internal lift parameters of the injector. As long as we can accurately control the internal lift parameters of the injector and ensure that the injector is within a standard range, then we can ensure that the injection curve of the injector is qualified.

4. The bench test is qualified

The bench test is the static test point mentioned above must be within the scope.

In our daily maintenance process, as long as we can do the above four points, every detail is done, I believe that any fuel injector is not repaired.