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How to maintain the service life of injection pump test bench

- May 21, 2018 -

Injection pump test bench operation skills and precautions:

1. Before starting the test bed master switch, check whether the emergency stop switch is on; check whether the manual speed adjustment knobs on both sides of the device are in the zero position;

2. Before starting the low-pressure fuel pump, check whether the inlet and outlet oil pipelines are properly connected, and whether the low-pressure adjustment handwheel is in a lower pressure position to prevent splashing oil from contaminating the clothes and the environment due to a poor oil seal.

3. When the low-pressure fuel pump is turned on, the hand does not leave the button to observe whether there is any oil leakage in the oil line, and if so, close the oil pump in time; then adjust the handwheel slowly to gradually increase the pressure gauge indication, check whether there is oil leakage and handle it in time. ;

4. To ensure that the low-pressure oil circuit is well connected and sealed, first increase the regulating pressure and increase the flow rate in the low-pressure chamber of the fuel injection pump so as to achieve the purpose of exhausting and flushing the low-pressure oil chamber of the fuel injection pump, and then adjust to a suitable pressure;

5. When installing the test pump, ensure that the oil pump is connected with the test bench firmly and concentrically, and there should be a certain gap between the universal joint and the coupling;

6. Before starting the main motor, it is necessary to turn off the handle by hand and try to make the main motor start under a low load condition. After starting the motor, release the flameout handle. This can extend the life of the motor and electrical system;

As a test equipment for vehicle maintenance, the injection pump test bench requires high quality and exquisite workmanship. Only in this way can a reliable working platform be provided.

7. After starting the newly installed fuel injection pump, it should be operated at low speed to check the dynamic stability and concentricity of the injection pump installation. If it is not suitable, it should be stopped and adjusted in time;

8, test bench speed, especially when the natural shutdown, the throttle handle need to place a large amount of oil in order to increase resistance, shorten the speed reduction time, while reducing the burden on the frequency converter braking circuit;

9. The test adjustment at high speed must be fully prepared and operated quickly. Immediately after the operation is completed, the speed should be reduced or shut down. Try to reduce the running time of the test stand at a higher speed.

10. When the test rig is in operation, pay attention to the sound of operation at any time. If there is abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately to check and take preventive measures.

11. It is forbidden for operators to stay away from the running test bench, including finding tools, taking parts, etc.;

12. During the operation of the test bench, persons on both sides of the dial and the universal joint shall not be allowed to stand in order to avoid smearing oil and causing potential safety hazards;

13, the normal shutdown operation to avoid the use of emergency stop button, should be through the speed control knob to reduce the test speed to zero speed, this can avoid sudden increase in the speed of the next boot;

14. When installing the high-pressure fuel pipe, do not tighten it first. At low speeds, make the cylinders spray oil outwards. Exhaust and flush the foreign matter at the tubing joint to ensure the standard injector is clean and prolong its service life. When flushing the connector, Shielded with a shutter or cover to prevent splashing;

15. When the gas source is not used, the gas source switch should be turned off to prolong the service life of the gas source system.

16. When using the DC power supply, avoid short circuit between the electrode lead and the metal surface of the test bench, so as to avoid damage to the surface of the device due to electric spark;

17. After the completion of the test: (1) It should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, especially inside the oil collection tank; (2) Properly placed test accessories and test tools; (3) Carefully fill in the test bench usage records;

18, to develop good work habits, care equipment, facilities, tools, including the test injection pump. Love test equipment is the professional virtue of school pump technicians