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How does the common rail injector test bench work?

- May 21, 2018 -

The function of the injection pump test bench is to test and adjust the fuel injection quantity of the fuel injection pump at the calibrated rotation speed, corrected rotation speed, idle speed, and starting rotation speed. Specifically, the calibration, calibration speed is 400 injections, idle speed, and start-up is 100 injections. . Therefore, it is necessary to provide the injection pump with the power of rotation of the camshaft, provide calibration pump oil, provide the number of injections and measure the amount of oil. 

Therefore, after the fuel injection pump is clamped on the test bench, its main shaft and the camshaft of the fuel injection pump are linked together. After the test bench is started, after the oil supply system is started, the test bench supplies the pump oil to the injection pump, and the spindle speed is adjusted by The speed of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump reaches the specified speed respectively. The operator fixes the fuel pump speed control handle to the specified position, such as the full load, idle position, etc., and detects the extension length of the fuel adjustment lever. 

After the adjustment, the fuel amount is turned on. The metering device is an oil cup, which detects the amount of fuel injected and the difference between cylinders, and then adjusts each cylinder individually. Meet the specification that is adjusted.