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Common Rail Test Bench Performance Characteristics

- May 21, 2018 -

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of computer technology, testing technology, and hydraulic technology, the technology of the hydraulic pump test bench has achieved rapid development. Various types of hydraulic computer aided test systems have become the mainstream of all types of hydraulic test benches. In particular, the emergence and gradual development of virtual instrument test systems has become almost hot and has been applied to almost all hydraulic test benches in recent years.

1. Standardized production selection production: All the materials and various components of the hydraulic pump test bench are all national standard parts. All the pipelines are standardized and reasonable. The colors are in compliance with the relevant national standards, and there are clear letter marks and flow direction marks.

2. Advanced control technology: The electronic control system adopts a programmable controller to control, and it is convenient to realize the control and conversion of various test conditions of the hydraulic cylinder on the remote touch screen, such as adjusting the test of the hydraulic cylinder according to the production cycle of the assembly line. The time of the process, loading and holding time, etc., are also provided with unexplained passwords for non-specialized personnel to prevent the intentional reduction of hydraulic cylinder test procedures and the occurrence of missed and false detections.

3. Strong auxiliary function: Bypass circulating filtration system, oil heating, cooling, temperature control system, gas discharge system, ultra high pressure, static pressure loading system, PLC data acquisition and comparison system and various filters provided for the hydraulic oil pump test rig Blocking the alarm system, etc., makes the use of the test bench and its own protection more powerful.

4. Energy-saving: The power unit of the hydraulic pump test bench adopts an effective combination of an ultra-high pressure small displacement pump and a medium-low pressure large displacement pump. At the same time, it can meet the fastest production cycle when it is turned on, and it needs high pressure to unload the low-pressure pump. The pump provides the high pressure required for the test. At this time, the energy loss and heating efficiency will be greatly reduced.