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Common faults and troubleshooting of diesel filters

- Oct 11, 2018 -

Common faults and troubleshooting of diesel filters

When the engine is difficult to start, first check the filter and pipeline whether there is gas, if there is, pump oil with hand oil pump, exhaust clean gas, followed by the filter may intercept too much impurities, has blocked the filter, pressure difference is too big, need to replace filter components (filter elements).


Oil seals should be replaced by gaskets at pipe gaskets and vent screws.

No oil on hand pump.

(1) One-way valve may be invalidated due to poor cleanliness and large particle impurities, which may cause the impurities to jam the one-way valve, thus causing the pump oil to fail, remove the hand oil pump, and clean the spare parts

2. If the pump can not be pumped, replace the filter.

The water level sensor has the function of self-checking. When the power is on, the indicator light is turned on first and then off, indicating normal. If it doesn't shine, the water level sensor has problems and needs to be replaced. If ECU is connected, ECU is self checked.

The selection and use of filters are as follows:

(1) Adding fuel from a regular gas station to ensure the cleanliness of the oil products and the normal service life of the filter components (filter elements).

(2) When the water level indicator light of the oil-water separator is on, the water should be discharged in time. When the fuel overflow occurs, the water discharging valve should be closed to complete the discharge.

(3) the filter changes the filter part (filter element) when the vehicle runs 12000km~15000km or 250h~300h. When replacing the filter components (filter elements), oil must be applied to the sealing gasket in a membrane form before installation. Then the filter components (filter elements) must be screwed up. After the seal gasket contacts the filter base, the engine must be tightened by 3/4 turns, and the engine must be started after exhaust.