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NT3000 EUS Controller

NT3000 EUS Controller

Electronic unit pump / electronically controlled pump nozzle, camshaft electric control unit pump / electronic control pump nozzle tester

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NT3000 EUS Controller


Electronic unit pump / electronically controlled pump nozzle, camshaft electric control unit pump / electronic control pump nozzle tester

One cambox for all major EUI/EUP models with corresponding adapters and camshafts。The electronic control unit pump testing device consists of a camshaft box assembly, a controller and accessories for a specific type of EUP. The camshaft box is driven by the standard oil pump test bench, and the electronic control unit pump under test is installed in the camshaft box together with the matching accessories. The controller generates synchronous driving signals of the electrically controlled monomer pump. The high-pressure oil pipe connects the tested monomer pump and injector. The quality of the single pump is judged by the measured fuel injection in a given condition.

Product application:

●Matching with oil pump test stand.

●Installation height of cam box for electric control monomer pump (camshaft center to installation table height) 125mm.

●The cam can be customized according to the installation height required by customers.

● Cambox mounting height 125mm (from the center of camshaft to bench mounting platform) to meet the installing request for various injection pump test bench

● EU-3000 Controller with its modular design may be tailored to meet various customer application.         

●   It could test most of single EUI/EUP on the market               

●  It could test Cummins CELECT EUI              

● Cummins HPI-TP electronic control module              

● Hydraulic Module            

● Adapter for EUI of Cummins ISX and Scania engines            

● Hoses and cables

● Adjustable Beginning of Injection (BOI) in crank angle degrees

● Adjustable injection period (PW) in crank angle degrees

● Cam lobe design fulfills engine standard design    

Product characteristics:

■A speed sensor is installed on the camshaft box, and synchronous control can be realized without external sensors.

■The fuel injection solenoid valve is driven by modulated signal to ensure the safety of the repaired electronic unit pump.

■The advance angle and pulse width of the driving signal can be adjusted.

■The instrument has short circuit protection function.

■ Customer may upgrade EU-3000 by adding a few more optional modules later    

■ Base system. Single solenoid EUI/EUP module       

■ Option. Dual-solenoid module for Delphi E3 EUI  

■ Option. Piezo EUI module for VW Piezo EUI             

■ Newest Option. Cummins ISX EUI control module kits, including 

■4 levels of cam lifts    

■Constant velocity cam lobe to generate higher injection pressure, its speed is 3 times higher than cheap eccentric cams

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