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EUI/EUP Test Bench

Test HEUI injector
A unique multifunctional test bench

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EUI/EUP  test bench 900

Functions and characteristics :

◆ Automatically test C7/C9/C-9,C3126/3408,Ford Power Stroke  6.0  and so on middle pressure common rail product.

◆ automatically test the injector seal, actuation point, pilot injection, medium speed, maximum load, the maximum test pressure is 200 bar

◆ Automatically test Bosch, Carter, CUMMINS, DDC, Delphi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, EUI/EUP (Electronic Unit Injectors/Electronic Unit Pumps) and dual-valve E3,CUMMINS ISX and other special products

◆ Support Fuel injector response time(BIP)

function, can judge the EUI/EUP performance quickly and accurately.

Main configurations:

◆ NT1500 High-precision cam drive

◆ Different lift special cam and injector adapters for many kind products

◆ Middle pressure common rail special bracket.

◆ Special high - pressure piston pump

◆ Industrial air-conditioner refrigeration, dual temperature control fuel tank

◆ Output power 15kw, there are different power supply.


◆ The EUP EUI and HEUI dedicated comprehensive test bench, which can simultaneously installing, testing separately, saving time and labor, with overall superior performance

◆ Include diesel hydraulic implementation, consistent with the fuel injection to prevent the mixture of diesel and lube oil, cause test conditions change and then affect the test accuracy.

◆ Different types of special-purpose cam not only ensures the cam generation but also ensures the cam generation curve.

◆ Fuel injection response time (BIP) test function can judge the overall performance of EUI EUP quickly and accurately.

◆ Embedded industrial computer systems and user-friendly operation design to ensure the control system stability and accuracy.

◆ Include Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese operating interface, which is proper for global using all around the world.




Q: What is the quality of your products?

A: Our products through Europe  CE, and have passed the ISO quality system authentication. We have the standard of self-examination in mechanical aspects and software. All products are100% qualified factory test.

Q: How to get a bigger discount about the test bench?

A: Purchase at least 5 units at one time, can get the big discount from company. To be our dealer can get more.

Q: What is the advantage of your product technology than other manufacturers?

A: We develop the BOSCH compensation (IMA) code generation, Denso compensation code generation and Delphi compensation code generation. This technology in China is unique.

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