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Computer Automatic Oil Discharge Diesel Pump Test Bench

Computer Automatic oil discharge diesel injection pump test bench 7F
Mature injection pump test bench product
Can add control box to achieve extra functions

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Computer Automatic oil discharge diesel  pump test bench  7F

12PSBG-7 diesel pump test bench

1.Test and debugging about oil supply amount and uniformity each cylinder of injection pump.

2.Check the oil supply spacing of each cylinder and oil supply starting point in the static state.

3.Check and adjust the performance of mechanical speed controller.

4.The sealing inspection of pump body.

5.The test of solenoid valve of distribution pump.

6.The test of return oil of distribution pump.

7.Measure the interior pressure of distribution pump.

8.Check the vacuum capacity regulators.

9.Check the pressure of compensator.

10.Checking the fuel supply pump.

11.Measure the advance timer device.

12.User can change the temperature.

Option(On Request):

1.Oil lubricate

2.Measurement of rack travel



Diesel pump test bench 12PSBG-7 

1.Advanced frequency conversion technology and industrialized computer control technology with rotation speed temperature count numeral control Industrial LCD double control and dual display system.

2. English menu.

3.Two sides operation automatically

4.Equipped with the relevant attachments for measuring the domestic and international various kinds of high pressure oil pumps

5.Measuring the Rack Bar journey exactly.

6.Debug speed curve of injecting oil pump.

7.Automatic oil unloading device

8.Print and keep debugging data of pump.

9.Large inertia flywheel--- steady drive and good balance.


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A: 1. Dealers enjoy some free product accessories and parts.

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Q: I want different product style and appearance.

A: No problem,the color of the test bench is request. And the flow calculation method depend on you.

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A: We use special wooden packing box for export. The wooden boxes are  strong enough to stand rough handling at the ports. And have good waterproof performance.

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