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Repair Tools-1

Repair Tools-1


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Injection Pump tool Introduction _页面_05.jpg

NO.712  Whole Set Crest Silk

Use for: Dismantle all kinds of advancing machine  and flying hammer parts 

Introduction: More than 20 kinds of  threads 10pieces/set(The most complete in China).The improved flying hammer top screw is more suitable for new type flying hammer deep hole thread loading and unloading, use high quality material,long time enduring. The improved top screw use over ten level  reinforced screw.

NO.777 Flying hammer appropriation top screw

Use for:Dismantling of each type of flying hammer

Introduction: Specially made flying hammer top screw,more suitable for now type flying hammer total deep hole top screw dismantling.  

NO.778 Multi-function bearing pulling horse

Use fo:applicable to each oil pump cam stalk bearings to dismantle

Introduction: A: decorates  chrome  processing     B:zinc processing

NO.714 Outside bearings pulling horse

3506 type: use for dismanting of p3000.p2000 and p7100 bearings to unload 

7203type:A type and AD  7204type:A type 

7205type:A type        7304type: p7 series

NO.715 Multi hats pulling horse

Use for: Spraying of each model number oil machine to dismantle ,7kinds of threads

NO.716 Front door pulling horse

lengthened hand handle

Use for:chongqing pump

NO.717 Front door pulling horse 

lengthened hand handle 

NO.717A Door blocking machine 

Use for:P2000

NO.718 Small door blocking pulling horse 

lengthened hand handle 

NO.718B Door blocking machine

Use for:P2000

NO.719 Ao wei spraying oil machine dismantling tool

Use for:double use efficacy machine ,onebody double use ,convenient and time saving 

NO.720 Shangchai appropriation tool

Use for:A type PX appropriation , b tybe p7 , PE appropriation 

NO.721 Sitaier appropriation top screw 

NO.722 Flying hammer wrench

If there is tight or rust screw when dismantle ,pleasing vibrate before uhload

Use for:All type of flying hammer parts to dismantle and pack at home and abroad

Introduction: Steel made tool hard making and tenacities like 

NO.723 VE set tube wrench 

Use for:Each ve pump use at home and adroad , side lenth 12.7 mms

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