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Injector assembling jig

Injector assembling jig


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NO.925 Electronic injector assembling jig

Efficient maintenance services start with tool selection, in order to save time for professional maintenance of parts in the maintenance station. We have designed maintenance tools adapted to the latest technical requirements of oil products.


Clip the fuel injector on the assembly rack.                Presetting force on injector

Cleaning the injector body with ultrasonic wave.           Install new nozzle

NO.926 Mechanical pump dismounting tools

NO.927 Multi-function pump roll-over stand  front bearing dismounting screw extractor

Introductiong: Use for p7100,p2000

NO.928 P-type plunger circlip pliers  long flat nose pliers  tooth pole socket wrench

Introduction: Use for  p7100,p2000

NO.929 Long flat nose pliers

NO.930 Tooth pole socket wrench


NO.931 Gear stroke table holder

Introduction: Use for gear stroke measurement for various pumps

NO.932 Ve pump measuring meter

Introduction: Use for internal pressure gauge and stroke gauge for pump piston stroke

NO.933 Electronically controlled injector auxiliary calibrator

Be chiefly used in BOSCH injector and ZEXEL injector

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