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Full Function Common Rail Injector Test Bench

Full Function Common Rail Injector Test Bench

test all solenoid valve injector and piezo injector
Equip Bosch 3rd stage stroke testing program to improve work efficiency

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Full function common rail injector test bench CRI 816/F

Function introduction:

◆ Automatically test various solenoid valve injector and piezo injector   

◆ Set injection current curve ,injection time and pressure. Fully automatic test of different types of solenoid valve injector and piezoelectric injector

◆ Test the current of injector solenoid valve, valve assembly lift, fuel injection lift.

◆ High pressure cleaning: high pressure cleaning impurities attached to internal parts of injector.

◆ Atomization test: to judge whether the injector is blocked through the atomization effect.

◆Single injection: the operator can set the number of injections to conduct a single injection observation.

◆  Sealing test: check the sealing performance of nozzle, nozzle cap nut and solenoid valve.

◆  Injector test: Test the injected fuel & return volume under rating, idling, Emission, pre-injection and pre-injection 2 status.

◆ Check, save, print data and customer information.

Main configuration:

◆ Equip original Bosch CP1 pump

◆ Stainless steel fuel tank with industrial air conditioner to control temperature 40± 2 ℃ circularly.

◆ Original Germany high precision flow sensor.

◆ Full function common rail injector test bench CRI 816/F equip original Bosch DRV, pressure sensor (0-2000bar).

◆ Equip Bosch 3rd stage stroke testing program and adapters.

◆ Include DRV, fuel injection cooling treatment device

◆  Include Oil circuit emptying treatment device

◆ You can set the injection current curve by yourselves

◆  The system includes original fuel injector current curve and data

◆  Main motor power 5.5KW, optional three phases 380V 50HZ, three phases 220V 60HZ, two phases 220V/60Hz in convenient for the different need of power supply in different countries.


System advantage:

◆ Industrial computer system: Full automatic operation, high speed operation and stable performance.

◆ Original Bosch test bench database. Test accuracy similar with the world-leading test bench.

◆ Powerful database: include more than 1,000 kinds of Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens injector plan, and test plan could be updated free of charge

◆  The operator can choose to test step by step or continuous test

◆ The operator can set injection time and injection pressure during testing

◆ The operator can choose testing results automatically judged by computer system or judge it by yourself.

◆ Injector database management: edit,save, revise and delete

◆ Include Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese operating interface, which is proper for global using all around the world.

◆ Support customized products and application.

◆ Full function common rail injector test bench CRI 816/F can generate IMA code for Bosch Denso Delphi injector






Q: How about your raw materials of the test bench?

A: Machine frame and mechanical parts are made of stainless steel. The precise test parts is made in Germany.

Q:What is the advantage of your product technology than other manufacturers?

A: We develop the BOSCH compensation (IMA) code generation, Denso compensation code generation and Delphi compensation code generation. This technology in China is unique.

Q: How to get a bigger discount about the test bench?

A: Purchase at least 5 units at one time, can get the big discount from company. To be our dealer can get more.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a dealer?

A: 1. Dealers enjoy some free product accessories and parts.

2. Dealers will enjoy free  the expenditures on to-and-fro traffic for training and learning to manufactory.

3. Dealers enjoy our free door-to-door service and upgrading.

4. We will cooperate with distributors to participate in some large-scale exhibitions and assist dealers in publicity.

5. We provide product customization services to distributors.

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